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Environmental Policy Statement

London Auto Parts is a well established metal recycling company and one of the largest collectors and processors of end of life vehicles in London.

London Auto Parts is committed to the ecologically sound and sustainable use of resources and strives to operate in a manner which minimises waste and prevents pollution. London Auto Parts actively supports the protection of the environment and the role the recycling industry plays in conserving natural resources.


1. All London Auto Parts operations are to comply with relevant statuary requirements. The statuary requirements are minimum standards to be exceeded where management considers it neccesary and practical.

2. London Auto Parts will regularly monitor it's environmental performance, objectives and targets and ensure that the support functions exist to effectively maintain and continually improve environmental standards.

3. Environmental care is of equal importance to every other facet of the company's management and operation.

4. London Auto Parts will continue to promote individual commitment to safe and environmentally responsible behaviour through the training, education and information of all of the staff.

It is recognised that the success of this Environmental Policy ultimately lies with the commitemnt and dedication of each and all of London Auto Parts employees. Accordingly, management at all levels is to actively encourage the implementation of these broad principles in their area of business activity and ensure that Environmental Management Procedures of London Auto Parts are observed.


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